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Tip No.1 – Grip

There are three basic golf grips: the baseball (left), the overlap (middle) and the interlock grip (right).

The baseball grip is ideal for people with small or weak hands. All 10 fingers are placed directly on the club, with the little finger of the right hand and the forefinger of the left hand touching.

The most widely used grip is the overlap. To achieve this grip, take the little finger of your right hand and place it over the forefinger of your left hand.

The interlock grip is similar to the overlap, but instead of your right-hand pinky covering your left-hand index finger, the two digits interlock.

Tip No.2 – Alignment

As the diagram suggests, alignment should be parallel to the target line.

While this is a good guide, it is a guide only. Different shots require slight adjustments. Be sure to ask us about our 5 week program for beginners next time you visit the range.

 Tip No.3 – Posture

Good posture gives you more power, and more importantly prevents injury.

The above diagram is a good illustration of how to set up your posture.

1. Stand up straight.

2. Bend at the hips.

3. Bend at the knees.

 Tip No.4 – Ball Position

There is a little more to it, so if you would like to learn more, why not talk to us about your game. Call Peter on 0408 695 330.

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